She loves how hair care can not only transform physical appearance but also how someone feels internally about themselves; caring equally about her client’s inner beauty as well as their overall health and wellness.

That is how Beauty on the Move was born. It allows Maxine to combine her passions for hair care and service to the community. Specifically, Maxine wanted to create an opportunity to be of service to everyone – including those who are physically unable to attend the salon (not limited to the elderly or people with mobility issues, or those who are sick or in hospital). As a result, she has curated a business that meets you where you are.

She wants her clients to know that beauty is deeper than, and extends beyond, your hair; it comes from within and through service to others.

Maxine is an experienced stylist with extensive knowledge on how to treat and maintain healthy hair. She perfects her skills by learning new hair techniques and keeping up to date on current trends. By using high quality products geared to the specific hair types and textures of her clients, Maxine has maintained a loyal clientele who trust her completely with all of their hair care needs.

Maxine wants to see her clients operate to their full potential and leaves everyone who sits in her chair better than when they came in.  Call 905-452-1061 to book your appointment today.


Please contact (905) 452-1061 for more details


Please contact (905) 452-1061 for more details